Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Home Lab/Shop For Kids?

Slashdot contributor "sharp-bang" put the following question to the supernerds who follow the site:

When I was growing up, my Dad let my brother and I have the run of his wood shop, and kept up a steady stream of Lego kits, Estes model rockets, chemistry sets, Heathkit projects, and other fun science stuff from the Edmund Scientific catalog, and the rest was history. I'd like to give my kids that kind of experience. If your kids were interested in science, computers, robots, and building stuff, how would you build and outfit a lab/shop for them (and you) to play in?

Check out the responses. Many of them are tongue-in-cheek but a many responders left thoughtful comments.

So what about you? How would you equip your child's lab for maximum geekification?

Photo by Ladyada (cc)

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Anonymous said...

Should have let them play around with a grammar book. "My brother and *I*?" Puh-lease!