Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Hoodie TV-B-Gone, originally uploaded by Bekathwia.

So you know about the TV-B-Gone, the little fob that turns off TVs by beaming every known "off" command to nearby TVs. Well, they've made a TV-B-Gone hat that packs a little more subtlety than the fob, as well as the hoodie model (pictured).

I submit this turning off thing is the wrong track. It upsets and offends TV-o-philes. I submit a better culture hack would be a TV-B-Changed that beams the "2" code when activated. Usually the way it works is that if you type a number in, it will assume that's a channel number and go to that channel. (In Minneapolis, that's the channel for public television -- in your community it might be different.)

Imagine turning all the TVs in a bar from the World Series of Poker to some sensible PBS show? Aw yeah.

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R. Stern said...

Since the software (and hardware) for the tv-b-gone is open source, you could easily change the codes its sending out to do just that very thing you're suggesting. Just a little firmware upgrade, and poof, everybody's watching PBS (so long as channel 2 is PBS where you're beamin').
-Becky (maker of the hoodie above)