Friday, April 10, 2009

April Maker Challenge 10/30: Robot Computer/Companion

Austrian hacker Astera Snowwhite is working on a rather arresting anatomically correct humanoid computer called the Master Control Puppet 9000.

This reminded me a project I'd been thinking about for a long time -- building a humanoid computer.

(I'd like it known for the record that I'd never once considered having an erotic computer...)

My idea was similar to Asteras only in that I want a computer inside the torso of a humanoid figure. However, I'd like to spice it up with the following:

* Head: One eye be a webcam and the other something else... ultrasonic sensor? IR transmitter/receiver? Projector?

* Torso: The guts of the computer, plus a display. Necessarily, it'd have to be a tiny display -- maybe a netbook screen?

* Arms: They'd definitely need to be robotic, capable of relatively complicated actions.

* Legs: What legs? Oddly, my vision never involved legs -- after all, it'd have to sit on my desk! Though in retrospect, maybe having it be mobile -- not necessarily legs; maybe wheels -- would be a neat idea.

(Photo by paulk, Community Commons)

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