Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Maker Challenge 1/30: Absorption Spectroscopy Scarf

This April I'm challenging myself to come up with a project a day. These aren't projects I feel compelled to work on immediately, just ones that I'd like to work on at some point, materials, knowledge and time permitting. Please post a comment if you have any suggestions or ideas.

Absorption Spectroscopy is a technique whereby gaseous elements can be analyzed by seeing how light changes as it passes through.

I want to use a knitting machine to knit scarves that feature the absorption lines of elements. Maybe socks! Yes, they'd be a little rainbowy, but the geekiness would make up for it. Here's a how the scarf might look. (Apologies for the hasty photoshop work...)

(Original photo by smittenkittenorig, modified as permitted by its Community Commons license. Absorption spectroscopy image via Wikipedia Commons.)

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