Sunday, April 5, 2009

April Maker Challenge 5/30: Automated Dramatic Entrance Generator

Preface: This is more science fiction than reality, though there may be a realistic idea here somewhere.

Imagine walking into a bar and have everyone turn and look at you: your hair and clothes are blowing in the wind, leaves skitter along the ground and your very form seems wreathed in sparkles. There's an energy about you that seems to attract the eye. Or maybe you seem wreathed in darkness and your mysteriousness fascinates others.

The challenge: add electronics to clothing to make this happen. Maybe micro fans that keep your hair blowing, with mini projectors providing ground effects. The tiniest imaginable LEDs could make your clothes seem to sparkle. Can we do something with subsonics?

Not exactly the technology a Lilypad Arduino could help with, but as I said, there's gotta be a cool idea here somewhere.

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