Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Serious Lego -- notes from my presentation

Hey guys! Here are the notes from my IgniteMpls talk. Woot!

1. Lego: The classic definition
-- The wack model is set #710-3: Basic Building Set (, released in 1983.

2. Cool models. Oh hell yeah!
-- Our models are better these days, but it's just for fun.
-- The sandcrawler was built by Hannes "Marshal Banana" Tscharmer in 2011.

3. Serious Lego: An definition.
-- Professionals do serious projects with Lego.
-- The giant Lego DSi was built by Sean Kenney ( as part of the game pad's 2009 release. It uses 51,324 bricks and was built around a welded steel chassis. #seriousdough

4. Skyscrapers
-- Learn more at BIG's website:

5. Beowulf Cluster of Raspberry Pi Boards
-- Press release:
-- Project site:

6. Autistic Therapy

7. Team Building
-- So serious that entire cooperate departments waste a day doing this. Cheesy marketing image is from

8. Prosthetics
-- Creator of the arm is piotrek839 and his models may be veiwed here:
-- To learn more about the Open Prosthetics project:

9. Cheney blowing his friend's nuts off.
-- The model is by Thom Beckett:

10. Atrocities I
-- One of the most compelling reasons for depicting an atrocity in Lego is to shock people with the juxtaposition of a child's plaything and something horrible.
-- You can learn more about Legofesto's work at her website:

11. Atrocities II
-- Lego builder Moritz ( used Lego's "Green Army Men" from their Toy Story line to depict wartime atrocities like mutilations, torture, arms deals, and so on. #enhancedlegoation

12. Lego Antikythera Mechanism
-- To learn more about the Lego Antikythera Mechanism:
-- Also, check out this sick video:

13. The Bone Thing

14. Space Elevator

15. Weed Dispensary
-- Los Angeles art collective LA-Go removed the plants and jars of dank nugs from a medical marijuana dispensary and replaced them with Lego duplicates. The resulting show, called "Indespensible: Art by the Ounce," was described as "a conceptual cannabis co-op comprised of LEGO bricks."
-- Learn more here: -- and here:

16. Concentration Camp
-- Polish artist Zbigniew Libera asked Lego for some gray bricks for a work of art. It turns out the piece consisted of a Nazi-like concentration camp in fake Lego packaging, with the label that the company had sponsored the project. Lego tried to play the thug role but backed down when Libera raised a stink. #itsartbaby

17. The Collectivity Project
-- Olufur Elliasson's Collectivity Project ( is a communal art project where ordinary citizens imagine rebuilding their city using white bricks to visualize how the roads and buildings might look like.

18-19. Brick Testament
-- The creator gives each scene a rating, so the Garden of Eden would be rated N for nudity!
-- Learn more at

20. Shillin' like a villain
-- Hey kids, you should get up on my book, the Cult of Lego!

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