Thursday, May 18, 2017

Creeper Chassis

I'm working on a project for my "Minecraft for Makers" book. It's a robot version of the iconic Minecraft monster, the Creeper.

I began with the Bogie Runt Rover kit from Servo City, which is 100% compatible with Actobotics channels. I'll put an Arduino, motor shield, and battery pack underneath the ABS plate, with a servo turning the head with a 1/4"x12" steel rod.

Building the guts of a robot that needs very specific outside proportions to look right, was definitely a challenge. It amounted to figuring out where to attach the wooden "skin" to the chassis so that it looks perfect as well as functions right.

I'm also designing a simple controller that I can use for multiple projects.


Melissa Ruiz said...

I am TV casting producer at Crybaby Media in NYC. I am working on a new family-friendly casting search for a major cable network. Basically I'm looking for a Male/Female Expert who does amazing build projects and who brings his or her precocious smart teen kids into these projects. Sort of like Tested, if Adam Savage had kids!

These projects could be anything - homemade roller coasters, unique toy/object makers. Basically looking for builds that are relatable to everyday viewers.Ideally the Dad/Mom would be in his 40s/50s and the kids would be ages 8-18.Total open to other family members - wives, grandparents, cousins, etc. Ultimately looking for amazing characters and amazing build projects.

Is this you? Or do u know someone that fits the bill? If so, I would like to hear more about the projects, the family, etc.


Melissa Erb
crybaby media

Phạm Văn Lưu said...

I would like to hear more about the projects, the family, etc.

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